ICORE Canada

Welcome to the Canadian website of the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts. ICORE is healthy in Canada! We now have seven affiliated clubs in the country and year-round matches are being hosted.

For full information about ICORE, consult the official ICORE site.

To read about the Canadian shooting clubs that are participating in ICORE, visit the 'Clubs' page on this website.

For our Canadian match schedule, visit the 'Calendar' page on this site.

What is ICORE?

ICORE combines elements of the Bianchi Cup, IPSC, and the Steel Challenge into demanding competition exclusively for revolvers. Scoring is based on time, including time added or subtracted per the ICORE scoring rules for shots fired at NRA D-1 targets. Falling and stationary steel plates can also be used in ICORE events.

Mike and Sharon Higashi, long time active shooters in all the handgun sports, founded ICORE in 1991 in California. Envisioned as an alternative to the "arms race" that was occurring in the other action shooting sports at that time, a revolver-only competition would allow even the most basic equipment to be used and still provide enjoyment and satisfaction.

Click here to access the current ICORE rulebook, which will give you a formal introduction into the protocols that govern our shooting discipline.

Furthermore, if you do a search for ICORE on YouTube you will be able to take a look at some courses being shot. For a good example, try searching for the Wheel Gunners Revenge match (which is an annual event in Michigan).

The high quality video below provides a comprehensive illustration to the type of stages that one can encounter in a match. Please note that this material was recorded in the United States and in certain Canadian provinces steel targets are required to be shrouded.

Explore the rest of the website to learn more about the world of ICORE and to find out in more detail what you will need to get involved in this challenging sport.

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