Canadian Regional Championship

A Weekend To Remember

Match Report By Hugh Black

It was truly a case of the good the bad and the ugly at the inaugural Canadian Revolver Championship and that was just the weather. The venue for the competition was the Peterborough Fish and Game Club in Ontario and our very capable Match Director was Larry Carl.

During setup it was incredibly hot with the thermometer climbing from the high nineties over the hundred mark. For a nation that plays in snow in the winter this was very tough for the workers but the thought of cold beer at the end of the day no doubt helped to ease the pain.

On day one of the match, officials and range crew got to play and again it was hotter than hot by most folks standards. When I left the range at 5:00 p.m., my car was telling me it was 37 of our degrees and that translates to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit before you take into account the impact of the humidity.

Overnight a low-pressure front blew through and an overcast sky and a temperature reading of about 70 degrees greeted us in the morning. By lunchtime we had some minor rain and by afternoon we had tropical downpours, thunder and lightening and a tornado warning to contend with.

Despite what Mother Nature threw at us we all muddled through and a special mention has to go to the individuals who simply shot through the rain to get the match finished.

There were 8 stages in the match and they posed a good shooting challenge to the competitors. There was a mixture of speed shooting and a requirement for more accuracy on longer targets. A Bianchi style moving target made a great addition to one of the long courses and they also challenged stage planning abilities as there were may ways to shoot things. The stage designer Adam Carl did a simply outstanding job.

Thanks to the generous support of ICORE and our match sponsors the day was rounded out with a draw from the prize table while the final results were being tabulated.

The local cable TV company wanted to make a short documentary program about the match and they were there with us recoding the proceedings. Hopefully this will give us some good publicity, present a positive image for our sport and help to educate the general public about our hobby.

Overall the match was an incredible success with 42 shooters signing up, which represents 70 percent of the current membership in our region. With the positive feedback that we have received we hope to go on to better things next year and as our numbers continue to grow in Canada we also hope to have more people on the line with us in 2017.

In the meantime a special thanks goes out to the Match Director Larry Carl, the setup crew, officials, range crew and the match sponsors for everything that they did to make the match the success that it was.

Match Sponsors:

Ranch Products -
A-Hits Inc. -
Limestone Bullets -
Absolute Accuracy Steel Targets
Canadian Welding Skills -

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